About Us

From manufacturing its very first aerosol spray can more than 30 years ago, Adiwarna has come a long way as an innovative multi-product provider of aerosols and chemical products. Embracing the latest technological and safety regulations for equipments and processes, our high quality product solutions offered under the Jackie®, Turbo® and Firesafe® brands have been trusted by consumers and businesses over the past years. Today, our products can be found in homes and industries from Singapore to neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam to outer regions like Middle East and Africa.

We have been actively pursuing our quality of excellence. Adiwarna Industries Pte Ltd has been ISO certified since year 2001. Adiwarna Industries is currently certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. 

An eco-friendly leader, serving your needs

Our vision is to be a leading provider of effective eco-friendly solutions while providing value to our customers.

Safe for you. Safe for your environment.

Innovation, safety and sustainability are our three key motivators, and our team of researchers is constantly at work to ensure that our products demonstrate these qualities. Our philosophy in bringing the most innovative products to our customers is always guided by our strong belief that safety and environmental sustainability are paramount. The customer’s safety is a top priority. Our products proudly comply with international safety standards. Protecting our environment is our privilege and our responsibility. Only eco-friendly and biodegradable substances are used in our production. We are keen supporters of the “It’s OK to Spray” movement and take great efforts to ensure that all our products are CFC-free. In addition, we encourage the proper disposal of empty cans so that materials can be recycled into useful items again.

OEM: Sharing our expertise

We welcome all enquiries with regards to aerosol contract packaging. Our partners will benefit from our wealth of experience in developing innovative and high quality products. Please contact us directly for any enquiries